Hairdressing Motivational Training Cards

I have created Belinda Mindset to help hairdressers to think big, without limits. Hairdressing is a lifelong skill it gives you independence, makes you happy and feel valued for who you are.

The hairdressing motivational training cards provide a positive influence, motivate, teach you to open your mind and empower self-belief so that you can find and reach your goals at your own pace.

Believe in yourself, never give up on your journey.

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“It’s my calling to lift every person that knows they want more and to help them get a head-start in the hairdressing industry and in life.

Never give up on your goals!”

Belinda Hillman

About the Hairdressing Motivational Training Cards

These hairdressing motivational training cards contain lots of fantastic industry tips and mindset techniques, no matter where you are in your journey I hope you find them super valuable.

94 motivational cards, split over 2 packs of 47.

6 topics:
Affirmation | Growth Mindset | Journal | Learn | Task | Retail

3 skill levels:
Beginner | Intermediate | Advanced

Pack 1 is ideal for apprentices and students. It is also a brilliant teaching aid for educators and salon owners. They also provide the first lessons into growth mindset, which can help in everyday life.

Pack 2 is ideal for stylists and salon owners. It is also a brilliant teaching aid for educators. Advanced learning tools for insight and inspiration to progress in the hair industry.

Affirmation cards fanned out


Readymade phrases for an instant confidence boost.

Whenever you say I am you are affirming to the universe that this is your belief.

Empower yourself to change from within to create the life you want with this fantastic skill.

Find out more about affirmations.

Growth Mindset cards fanned out

Growth Mindset

Believe that anything is possible you have the freedom to reach for what you want in life without limitation.

Change the perspective of how you are feeling and accept all feedback in a positive way.

Embrace changes and challenges with an open mind.

Journal cards fanned out


Get to know yourself, dare to dream big.

Encouragement to know the reasons why you are working hard and keeping focused on goals.

Journaling is great for mental health; it promotes deeper thought and problem-solving skills.

Learn cards fanned out


Encourage yourself to get ahead and gain confidence.

Gain experience with valuable lessons and industry tips.

Take control of your own hairdressing journey and learn faster.

Task cards fanned out


Inspiration and training ideas to promote learning and grow as a hairdresser.

Encourage teams to communicate and connect while sharing and learning with each other.

The courage to try new things and pushing out of your comfort zone.

Retail cards fanned out


Encourage self-promotion and up-selling with these useful conversation starters to use with clients.

Insight into the emotion of a purchase and money mindset.

How to create a memorable client experience or salon event.

Hairdressing Motivational Workshops

I have relatable professional and personal knowledge to share.

Providing the daily tools for the confidence to say ‘I am enough’ and importantly to never give up on your goals!

I’m available for online courses and full or half day workshops onsite as well.

Students find my courses refreshing, informative, uplifting and fun. 

Please feel free to download and use the printable tools I have provided on my resources page.

I have also provided some learning videos and book recommendations for students to further their self-growth.

The goal of this workshop is to open the minds of apprentices and hairdressers to limitless possibilities, build confidence and self-empowerment.

This unique retail training workshop teaches hairdressers how to introduce brands to clients to suit their needs.