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I empower and motivate hairdressers by teaching the mindset tools and retail skills to promote themselves, services and products.
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Belinda Hillman

Hello, my name is Belinda Hillman I am a hairdressing motivational speaker, founder of Belinda Mindset and owner of award winning hair and beauty salon, THE hairdressers and The Beauty Lodge in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England.

With a hard start in life I am now enjoying a successful career in hairdressing. I teach that hairdressing is more than a job, it gives you friend’s for life, it’s creative, can provide world travel experiences and most importantly it makes you a fully self-sufficient independent professional. My workshops empower and motivate students by teaching them mindset techniques and retail skills to promote themselves, services and products.

From living alone in a Welsh bedsit at 16 onto cruise ships and now salon owner and Wella colour expert with 23 years industry experience, I have relatable professional and personal knowledge to share.

Providing the daily tools for the confidence to say ‘I am enough’ and importantly to never give up on your goals!

I’m available for online courses and soon (after lock down) will be available again to take full or half day workshops onsite as well.

Students find my courses refreshing, informative, uplifting and fun. 

Please feel free to download and use the printable tools I have provided on my Resources page.

I have also provided some learning videos and book recommendations for students to further their self-growth.

“It’s my calling to lift every person that knows they want more and to help them get a head-start in the hairdressing industry and in life.

Never give up on your goals!”

Belinda Hillman


  • City & Guilds – Hairdressing NVQ Level 2
  • City & Guilds – Hairdressing NVQ Level 3
  • A1 Assessor Award – Award in Assessing Vocationally Related Achievement
  • Wella Colour Master Degree
  • Mental Health Awareness – Beauty Educators Diploma, Level 3 in Teaching & Education
  • Media Training – 1-2-1 Coaching Masterclass with Storymedia
  • Post Corona Colour Course & Online Social Media Course both with Not Another Academy
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Hairdressing Motivational Speaker with Georgia Bell
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Seize the Opportunities

Belinda Hillman and Sting Tyne Bridge


Opportunity comes when you least expect it, I teach hairdressing apprentices to look out for these rare moments and to go for it even if it is scary because that’s where life is fun! This photo of me with Sting was a regular Friday morning or so I thought at 8am I was getting ready for work in the salon when THE hairdressers got a call from someone who worked at the Baltic in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Sting was doing TV interview’s all day then a show at night and needed make up and his beard trimmed. I had seconds to decide yes or no? How will I reschedule my day? Can I really take care of Sting? The answer was a big yes! My beautician and I spent two hours with Sting. I remember thinking how lucky I was and I can tell you he is a gentleman he acknowledged everyone in the room and it made my week to get a picture with Sting with the Tyne Bridge behind him. Hairdressing life is full of fantastic moments this is up there in my top 3!

Belinda Hillman and IAN CARMICHAEL

Ian Charmichael - Hairdresser to the Queen

The Queen has had the same hairdresser for over 20 years, Ian Carmichael. I got the pleasure of meeting and being taught by this charismatic man during my hairdressing training in hair-up and retail with Steiner before I went on to the Holland America cruise line. I was 19 and meeting people like Ian was amazing. Cruise ships were a fantastic experience and I will share knowledge, tips and tricks in my workshops.

“The one who follows the crowd will usually get no further than the crowd. Those who walk alone are likely to find themselves in places no one has ever been before.”

Albert Einstein

Wella Colour Expert

Belinda Hillman trained to become a Master Colour Expert in Wella, a highly recognised award in the hair industry.
October 2019.

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Wella Colour Master Dyed Hair

Belinda Hillman trained to become a Master Colour Expert in Wella, a highly recognised award in the hair industry.
October 2019.

Award Winning Salon Owner

Belinda is constantly striving to get the very best out of her staff and herself by encouraging THE hairdressers and The Beauty Lodge team to reach for the stars. Her salon has received many awards for their efforts.

As a hairdressing motivational speaker she uses learnt knowledge from these experiences to motivate hairdressers.

The English Hair and Beauty Awards Finalist
Best Salon in the North of England
Englands Business Awards
2019 - Winners of Best Beauty Treatments in Tyne-and-Wear & in the North
The Newcastle Awards 2018
Best Salon
The English Hair and Beauty Awards Highly Commended logo
National Award - Best Junior. Charlie Toon.
The English Hair and Beauty Awards Finalist logo
Best Salon in the North of England

“You have to ask for what you want in life, then believe that you can have it”

Belinda Hillman

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Belinda Hillman Business Awards 2019
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