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Using Daily Affirmations

Positive thinking and self-empowerment will help you believe in yourself and achieve your goals.

Affirmations are really powerful, it takes approximately 28 days to create or break a habit. By using daily affirmations you can train the mind to believe anything you tell it. Whether you need more confidence or you want to attract something into your life, choosing daily affirmations with powerful messages that you say out loud every day can change your life. When you speak affirmations out loud you are saying to your soul, your body and the universe this is who I am there is no doubt, positive things will come from this great mindset technique. Use different daily affirmations, mix things up or keep them the same to empower yourself to achieve your goals.

Many successful people are using daily affirmations to achieve dreams bigger than themselves.

I teach that all students are capable, that they are just as good as anyone else and with the right mindset amazing things will happen for them. I believe using daily affirmations is an invaluable mindset skill which build confidence and unshakeable belief.

Jim Carey wrote a 10 million dollar cheque with a date on it. He looked at it daily and called it into his life. He acted as if he had already achieved it. He reached his goal.

Using affirmations throughout your day helps you focus on your goals. Place them on your mirror, on your phone wallpaper and in your diary so that you see them and speak them often.

I am …

I can …

I am hard working

I am kind

I am proud of myself

I can achieve anything

I am fearless

I am enough

I am ok with failure

I can do hard things

I am a good friend

“A positive mental attitude supported by affirmations will achieve success in anything.”

Supercharged Affirmations The Salem New Age Center, Salem Massachusetts USA.

How to use social media for affirmations

Are you using social media to learn? Is it controlling you?
Fill your socials with positive influences and pick your influencers wisely.

Facebook has settings so that you can see posts from selected people first in your news feed. There is information on how to do this here: See First Facebook

This is not so easy on Instagram, see information on what appears in you feed here: Instagram Feed Information

On both of these platforms you can easily unfollow others. Facebook will also block posts to your feed from people you select without them knowing. It is always a good idea to look into your notification settings on both platforms so that you are only getting the notifications that you want to see when you want to see them. Lots of apps and websites these days ask if they can send you push notifications, these can also be very distracting, but they are quite easily muted. 

Fill your day with the information that you choose to see wherever possible.

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The Happiness Project

A self funded organisation that uses social media to help those battling mental illness and eradicate the stigma surrounding it.

Further Reading Recommendation

Using Daily Affirmations

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

I loved this book you can pick it up any time and open any page and feel inspired. This is all about the law of attraction and how we can create our own world or life with our thoughts and actions. We are responsible for our energy good or bad . This opens up your world with no limits to what you can achieve. When you I am I already have the universe responds to you in magical ways!




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