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Free Mindset Resources​

Positive thinking and self-empowerment will help you believe in yourself and achieve your goals.

I have provided these links and free growth mindset downloadable and printable PDF resources to help you in your journey.


Training Cards Worksheet

This is a brilliant resource to use with the motivational training cards and aid your understanding of each card.

Looking at each card more deeply and writing down notes will encourage you to take action and feel confident with your choices.

Keep these in a folder to refer back to cards which provide different guidance for you.

Download this free mindset resource PDF to get the most out of your motivational training cards.


Mind Map

Mind mapping is a visual tool used to gather information in a simple way. Use your central idea then branch off around it in more detail exploring concepts for each topic. This brain storming tool can help you organise and understand ideas or feelings. Mind mapping transforms what is in  your mind into a visual picture. Putting things down on paper can help clear your mind if it’s overloaded, sad or anxious it can get you organised with a clear detailed goal. This is great because the way the mind map works is how your brain works with knowledge. You can organise, understand and process information faster and better this way.

Try yours whenever you feel stuck in life on a project or feel stressed. It can be good to do positive and negative ones.

Download this free mindset resource PDF and try it out.


Grateful Diary

List the things that you are grateful for in a diary at home.
To help improve your overall happiness:

  • Be grateful for the small and the big things in life.
  • Random acts of kindness.
  • Good relationships with friends and family.

Download this free mindset resource PDF and try it out.


Stress Bucket

Completing this stress container exercise will give you greater understanding of the things which cause you stress and anxiety. It will also help you to clarify the activities which you can turn to, to balance these stresses and build your resilience.



Keeping focus on your goals can be difficult. I have provided these bookmarks which you can download, print and cut out to use. 

Download this free mindset resource PDF and try them out.

free mindset PDFs_Bookmarks_Printable_Template


An excellent resource for hairdressers is the
How To Cut It podcast.
It’s the No 1 hair industry podcast. Providing insights, inspiration and information to take your hair career to the next level. Use the search feature to easily find content you are researching.


The only magazine for UK hairdressing and barbering students and apprentices. Concept Hair Magazine is a brilliant resource for staying on trend. Founded in 2006, SNG Publishing is dedicated to delivering world-class learning materials and events to support learners and lecturers in hairdressing & barbering. 

If you find these free mindset resources​ useful please get in touch and let me know how they have helped you in your everyday life.  Good luck on your journey.
Belinda Hillman